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– Comparing the classic car and art markets, part two

11-10-2018, JBR Capital

In the first part of this series, we concluded with the expectation that the gap in value between the most special cars and those produced in larger numbers will increase. This is a process that has already taken place in the art market. We also noted that changes among collectors are expected to take place, another parallel the classic car market shares with the art market.

– Comparing the classic car and art markets

22-10-2018, JBR Capital

When there is talk about classic cars, they are sometimes compared with art – this usually happens in two ways. Owners or enthusiasts say, for example, that a certain car has a very nice body or other aesthetic quality, and that they consider it as a work of art.

– Lamborghini Islero, an almost forgotten sports car

28-9-2018, JBR Capital

The best known classic Lamborghinis are the Miura and Countach. Enthusiasts know that the brand started with the 350 GT, followed by the GT 400, but how many people are familiar with the Lamborghini Islero? It is a sleek sports car, which has long hidden in the shadow of its contemporaries. Is that justified? We turn the spotlight on this little-known Italian thoroughbred.

– The 75 most expensive cars sold at auction

7-6-2018, JBR Capital

Many of the truly fabulous cars here need little introduction. Among the 75 cars below, it’s perhaps unsurprising that the list is dominated by Ferrari, however the likes of Bugatti and Mercedes-Benz make strong showings. Porsche, Bentley, Duesenburg, Ford, Shelby, McLaren, Jaguar, Alfa Romeo and Aston Martin also feature on the list, with seven different auction houses taking the cars under the hammer.