– The most expensive classic Bentley cars sold at auction. The Criclewood Bentley cars.


Few people will not have noticed it: Bentley was founded 100 years ago. Attention is paid to this at numerous events and in magazines and newspapers. So do we, but in our way. We focus at the most expensive Bentley cars sold at auctions and also address a shift in the interest of Bentley enthousiasts. But first of all a brief history of the brand, which was founded by Walter Owen Bentley.

– Catfight between Jaguars


Should the Jaguar XK series recognize its superior in the Jaguar E-Type? This may seem like a strange question, but it is not. Both series compete for the interest of the enthusiast, who is interested in having a classic sports car made by Jaguar. How has that interest developed in recent years? And what might this say about the future of the Jaguar XJ-S?