In honderd jaar van Auto-Palace naar Autobinck Holding


From Auto-Palace to Autobinck Holding: A hundred year history

Anniversary edition (This book is currently sold out.)


In 1906, the company Auto-Palace was founded in The Hague. It began by importing and selling cars of the Mercédès-brand. One hundred years later, the company Autobinck Holding, as it was now known, celebrated its centenary and on the occasion of this anniversary this book about the company’s history was written. The history of the company has been set in a broad context. After shedding light on Spyker, the largest Dutch car plant, and Eysink, the largest Dutch motorcycle plant, this book about Autobinck Holding discusses how car importers influenced the rise of motorised traffic in the Netherlands.

Publisher: HS Publicity

Date of publication: September 2007

Number of pages: 324 pages