Investing in Cars. Last copies reduced in price (now € 50,00 excluding p.p.)

The question in this book can be summarized in one sentence: In which cars have people been interested in the past and why?

Although the book was published a few years ago, the content has not lost any relevance. It is the only book ever published that focuses on and explains the demand for classic cars.

This book takes a unique and thus completely different perspective than other books on the price development of classic cars. It provides analyzes and explanations that determine the demand for (classic) cars. This book thus exceeds the level of all other publications that venture into the price development of cars. Because this book does not simply describe which cars according to an author can or will increase in value.

De auto als belegging 2014

Investing in cars (Sold out in a year.) This is a completely new and extended version of the book published in 2011. It has been fully updated and includes the latest auction results and price developments of classic cars. Furthermore, the book contains unique photo material of the most interesting car models auctioned in recent…

De auto als belegging 2011

Investing in cars  (This book is currently sold out.) Classic cars are purchased for pleasure, and many car enthusiasts mention they are willing to spend some money on this hobby. But is it possible (or maybe even wise) to invest in classic cars? This book, Investing in cars, discusses having a classic car as an…