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– Amazon: Very well documented with brilliant photos and sound, non emotional facts

I live in Tasmania (Australia) and have a Dad who has everything his heart desires… one of those Dad’s that are IMPOSSIBLE to buy something for Christmas for…. until I found this book. Dad was so pleased with this book that he even wrote the following review:
“This book was given to me in for Christmas 2015. Despite living on the other side of the world, it was interesting to note that the “philosophy” of collecting Classic Cars carries through no matter where you are.
The book clearly states that in order to make a classic car collection an “investment” you still need, above all, to have a passion for the cars you are collecting. As the book states on a number of occasions, there are no guarantees for price rises of classic cars.
The advice the book gives is relevant no matter which country you reside in, it simply gives trends of the values of cars for both left hand and right hand drive.
Very well documented with brilliant photos and sound, non emotional facts.”
Bedankt Vincent – we appreciate all the effort you went to to get this book to us all the way down here in Tassie!

Amazon, 4 February 2016

– Amazon: Excellent book, high quality, lot of information for car collector

I ‘ve been interested in classic cars for more than thirty years and I have gathered my own collection. This book makes people aware of the price development of numerous cars and it shows why certain cars are more interesting to collectors than others. The change in interest in the past thirty years led to irregular car price developments. These are matters which enthusiasts do not deal with every day, but which are of importance. The book changed my way of thinking about classic cars and it will certainly affect my choice buying classic cars in the future. Therefore, I would recommend it to everybody.

Amazon, 1 February 2016