De autoproblematiek in Nederland


The car problem in the Netherlands

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For centuries, there has been a connection between the use of the land and the scale of mobility. Horses eat food from the land and it is impossible to suddenly bring into action 100,000 extra horses for transporting goods and people. Not in the least because growing food for horses stands in the way of growing food for people. This is the reason why goods and people are mainly being transported by water. Steam trains, powered by coal, followed by steam trams and electric trams break the connection between land use and mobility. This may result in a strong increase in mobility. The largest increase in mobility is caused by the use of petroleum. Cars, buses and heavy goods vehicles change the economy and the Dutch landscape.

But as the transport performance of different means of transport (such as track boats, trains, trams, buses and cars) changed in the past, it will change in the future.

This book describes the previous history, origin and the complexity of modern day car use. By looking back, the author explains we are on the eve of major changes.


Publisher: Uitgeverij Siemes

Date of publication: March 2010

Number of pages: 312 pages