Nederland ontkent de oliecrisis

Nederland ontkent de oliecrisis

The Netherlands denies the oil crisis

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This book deals with the discussion about whether we are witnessing a peak in oil production and what such a peak is understood to mean. As yet, alternative energy sources cannot substitute oil as a transportable fuel. In discussions about securing future energy, for instance by using wind mills, solar collectors, coal fired power stations, or nuclear power stations, consumers of oil related fuels should also be involved. Aviation, shipping, and (inter)national road freight traffic benefit little from an increase of the electrical power generation capacity. For the time being, all traffic is dependent on oil.

This book focuses on cars. It shows how motorists have had to pay less and less for fuel, and how this lead to a society dependent of cheap, oil-based mobility.


Publisher: Uitgeverij Siemes

Date of publication: February 2011

Number of pages: 63 pages