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– Octane: It will give you food for thought.

We can hear some readers nibs sharpening: ‘Cars should be bought by enthusiasts, not investors!’ And we do empathise. But even if you’re buying a car purely because you love it, you’ll feel happier knowing that it isn’t actually losing you money during your ownership. Love or hate the concept of this book – which…

– Classic and Sportscar: Highlight a range of trends.

Dutch specialist Vincent van der Vinne has been publishing books on collector car investment since 2011, and his third edition is now available in English. The hefty, full-colour 496-page review uses auction catalogue photos and graphs to highlight a range of trends. Classic and Sportscar, March 2016.

– Barkaways Ferrari: A must have for any true automotive enthusiast.

“Investing in Cars makes for a truly fascinating and informative read. This book affords a thorough insight into classic car values over the past 35 years and provides a concise guide which will no doubt help inform any future purchases. At the same time the book covers topics such as production numbers, originality, specific variants…